Antiques and More

A question we often get asked is "Where can we find antiques?". Fortunately, the area has several places to shop for things old and treasured. Just down the road from the Inn there is a nice shop called Covesville Antiques in none other than the town of Covesville. Look for the old yellow house on the right with lots of stuff out front. There are also plenty of antique shops in the town of Ruckersville at the intersection of Rt. 29 and Rt. 33, north of the Inn. Be sure to check all corners of the intersection! In Charlottesville, visit Circa which has an eclectic variety of merchandise. Of course, enjoy all of the antiques we have on display at the Inn. We are former antique shop owners and have amassed quite a large collection over the years.

Posted on November 4, 2013 .