The Continuing Saga of the Jefferson Drains and a New Discovery

As previously posted, we are improving the drainage around our Summer Kitchen Cottage which was the original cooking kitchen for the tavern. We decided the next section to shore up would be the back of the cottage where the chimney and deck are located. The chimney is in relatively good shape but foundation improvements are needed. So the digging began around the base of the cottage. As we dug around the chimney we noticed a long flat rock where the dirt line is. It looked surprisingly like a lintel for a fireplace. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the dirt does indeed fill in a fireplace! So the question is, was there another part to the building that was removed at some point or is this an outdoor fireplace? And perhaps more importantly, what do we do with it? It would be pretty cool to have an outdoor fireplace for our cottage guests to enjoy but that would require removal of the porch, not mention a ton of dirt since the property slopes toward the chimney. For now we continue digging and providing support until we can decide which direction we want to go. Stay tuned!

Posted on July 14, 2013 .