The Saga of the Staple

If you've stayed with us recently, you had the pleasure of witnessing the restoration work we are doing around the front door of the Inn. Much needed repair of the mortar around the door frame and the door frame itself took us about a month due to the less than optimal weather. As a consequence of all the moisture, the door itself would not sit right in its frame and wouldn't close properly. We waited several weeks for the moisture to evaporate but still the door would not close. Of course, we did not want to trim away any wood from the original door - once the wood is gone you can never put it back. After this frustrating time period, we were finally exasperated enough to get down on hands and knees and take a closer look. And we found the source of the problem. It was a single home staple that someone had used way back when to attach foam trim to the inside of the door frame. Only a few bits of foam were left but the moisture presumably pushed the staple out enough that it was preventing the door from closing properly. The offending staple was removed and now the door closes the way it is supposed to.

Posted on August 30, 2013 .