It's Orchard Time

It's that time of year when the gardens begin going dormant, that we start to think about what to plant next year. This year we are focusing on the old fruit trees. Most of the trees were planted well before we arrived 11 years ago. Time, bad pruning and rough weather have taken their toll on these trees. Not only have they become unsightly, some are dying and none are fruiting. It would be lovely to plant new fruit trees and grow an actual orchard which would supply fruit for both our guests and our family. The first consideration is where to plant the trees. Even if we take out the existing trees, the new trees would not fare well in that location. The new orchard would likely go between the garden and the gazebo. The next consideration is what types of trees to plant. Apples of course, are a must and we should plant several varieties, both modern and heritage. Peaches would also be nice. I like the idea of cherry but I wonder how difficult those trees are to grow and if the birds would beat us to the fruit. Certainly we have a lot to consider but we have until spring to make any decisions. Visit us in 2014 and see what we decided!

Posted on September 20, 2013 .