It's All About That Donut


Finally! The donut has returned to Charlottesville. After our beloved SpudNuts closed this past spring, Charlottesville has experienced a donut drought. Sure, you could get a yummy donut from the donut food truck, Carpe Donut, but you had to know when and where the truck would be; and then get to wherever it was. Yes, they have a cafe in the IX Art Park but really, if you are going to the IX, then you really want to get a yummy cupcake instead from SweetHaus (but that's another story). If you were feeling adventurous, a trip past town to the Dunkin Donuts could be done, but it's far and the donuts are just so-so. So we were very excited when the Krispy Kreme came back to town. It's very conveniently located to the Inn also! On the rare day when we don't have breakfast to cook for our guests, we can now make a very short trip and get a hot and fresh donut just the way we like them.  

Posted on October 7, 2017 .