American Chestnut

The american chestnut tree appears to be alive and well according to a recent article in our local newspaper. In a neighboring county, Virginia Chestnuts is a 45 acre nut growing operation containing more than 1000 chestnut trees. The story of the american chestnut is so fascinating in that nearly 70 years ago the tree was essentially extinct due to a virulent pathogenic fungus. The American Chestnut Foundation was formed with the intention of restoring the american chestnut tree and in 30 or so years has successfully grown chestnut trees that are genetically american chestnut but with all of the blight resistant characteristics of the chinese chestnut. And these orchards are beginning to produce chestnuts being used in our local restaurants. It's a fascinating story with a great outcome for chestnut lovers! Visit to learn more.

Posted on January 1, 2018 .